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1 day ago · Person 1: “I don’t feel like going to work today.”. Person 2: “Me either” (or “Me neither”). Even though the wording is different, saying either or neither in this context will not change the meaning. The second person is simply agreeing that they also do not feel like working. American English offers more-grammatical ways to respond.

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either (English)Origin & history Old English ǣġhwæþer, from Proto-Germanic, ultimately corresponding to ay + whether.Akin to Old Saxon eogihwethar, iahwethar (Low German jeed); Old Dutch *iogewether, *iowether, *iother (Dutch ieder); Old High German eogihwedar, iegihweder, ieweder (German jeder)..

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1 One or the other of two people or things. as determiner ‘there were no children of either marriage’. More example sentences. ‘their mortgage will be repaid if either of them dies’. ‘A win would secure top spot for either of us, a loss could have seen either team drop out.’. ‘Equal rights to custody means that a child born.

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either. ( ˈaɪðə; ˈiːðə) determiner. 1. a. one or the other (of two): either coat will do. b. ( as pronoun ): either is acceptable. 2. both one and the other: there were ladies at either end of the table. 3. ( coordinating) used preceding two or more possibilities joined by "or": you may have either cheese or a sweet..

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When used alone, either means “any of the two.”. (8) I need to find a car to move house. My uncle has two. Either will suit my purposes. When used alone, neither means “none of the two.”. (9) I have two cars, but neither is big enough. Do not use either/neither when there are more than two things involved.

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neither Definitions and Synonyms ‌‌‌. as a way of showing how a sentence or clause is related to what has already been said: I can't play tennis, but neither can you. as a conjunction with nor (connecting two words or phrases): Neither Simon nor Sally can swim.He was neither as slim nor as healthy as I was.

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1 day ago · Recently Answered. You would rather Only eat reheated leftovers for the rest of your life than Pay to eat out at restaurants for every meal for the rest of your life.; You would rather Be Below The Federal Poverty Level and be on The American Welfare System (Food Stamps, Section 8, Pip ETC.)For 10 Years than Or Do The Job Of Baby from Baby Driver for 10 Years.

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Either and neither can be used in a few different ways, and to mean a few different things. In most cases, neither means "not either." When used as an adjective either means "one or the other of two people or things," and neither means "not one or the other of two people or things." In other words, neither means "not either." The following example sentences show this use. Either-or definition: presenting an unavoidable need to choose between two alternatives | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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either - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. WordReference.com | ... Care should be taken to avoid ambiguity when using either to mean both or each, as in the following sentence: a ship could be moored on either side of the channel.

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"Either A or B" most precisely means, in symbolic logic terms, "A XOR B", where XOR is the "exclusive or".So yes, it means "A or B but not both". It isn't always actually used with full precision, though, so, as usual, context has to be taken into account. If somebody says, "select either A or B", for example, they definitely mean that you should not select both.

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Define either. Either as a adverb means Any more than the other; also...

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2022. 6. 16. · either abverb. after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise' or `also'. "he isn't stupid, but he isn't exactly a genius either". "I don't know either". "if you don't order dessert I won't either".

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one or the other of two people or things, especially when it does not matter which. Check or credit card – you can use either. Applications are welcomed from people of either sex and any age. either of: It was a long time before either of them spoke. 2. used in negative statements referring to both of two people or things..

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Either - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary.

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2015. 4. 27. · Whenever we do not intend that meaning, i.e. we are using the exclusive disjunction, it is common to say "either + or + but not both". Something similar happens when using "if+then" statements: sometimes we use those kind of statements in every day English to express causality (x causes y) but in Mathematics that is not their meaning. either = दोहोंपैकी एक Pronunciation = either Pronunciation in Marathi = आयदर either in Marathi: दोहोंपैकी एक Part of speech: Adverb Definition in English: used before the first of two (or occasionally more) given alternatives (the other being introduced by ‘or’).

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1 day ago · Person 1: “I don’t feel like going to work today.”. Person 2: “Me either” (or “Me neither”). Even though the wording is different, saying either or neither in this context will not change the meaning. The second person is simply agreeing that they also do not feel like working. American English offers more-grammatical ways to respond.

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Either way, the track’s a mellow belter, or a melter, or a bellow: jittery, propulsive percussion slide-steps over fluttery layered vocal stabs and catacombic bass. Used in the Ending of Sentence. She told me to ask so-and-so, but he didn't know, either. No, they don't sing, but on the plus side that means they're not overmiked either.

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on either side de chaque côté. → a long table with 4 chairs on either side. at either end à chaque extrémité. → The basketball nets hung down from the ceiling at either end of the gymnasium. in either case dans les deux cas. → In either case the answer is the same. pron l'un ou l'autre. either of them l'un ou l'autre, n'importe lequel.
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